Brown Nautical Shoes Men XM Yachting nº42

The Nautical Shoes Men Brown XM Yachting No. 42 are made of leather which makes them completely resistant and its model is one of the simplest and most comfortable, they are easy to place and perform their mooring with nylon cords.

The Nautical Shoes Brown Men XM Yachting No. 42 are made with a padded structure which makes it a shoe resistant to shock, giving security to the user that will not have problems when using it and creating greater comfort.

Benefits of Brown Nautical Shoes Men XM Yachting nº42

Thanks to its processing material is fully functional in the sea life, so the leather of its manufacture makes it a dynamic shoe with an excellent finish.

The sole is rubber non-slip and very flexible which guarantees a 100% resistance to shock and movement of the sea.

The Brown Nautical Shoes XM Yachting Crew N42 also has a non-slip rubber that repels water which ensures that it is not easy for moisture to penetrate them, thus generating the necessary safety to be used on the boat and perform any work on board without problems. no accidents.

They are processed so that their use at sea is appropriate, but in the same way it can be used outside the boat and look excellent when combined with the appropriate clothing showing off excellently without problems.

Thanks to its modern design it provides great ease to match any outfit on and off the boat.

Thanks to its criss-cross nylon cord it provides a great mooring that provides greater comfort.

Maintenance of Brown Nautical Shoes XM Yachting Crew N42

The XM Yachting Crew N42 Brown Nautical Shoes are completely easy to clean first, they should be left to dry for an average of two days, but they should not come into direct contact with the sun because they can cause them to dry or lose their shape, so that you have to put them lasts to ensure that their shape is not lost.

The Brown Nautical Shoes XM Yachting Crew N42 to be stained when using and to remove such stains should be used a damp cloth with a drop of ammonia and lightly spread it to the affected area, another simple way is to pass a lint until it disappears and remove waste .

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